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Cable Lying

Exothermic Welding
Exothermic Welding
Cable Lay refers to the lay length or length of twist or to the method and type of lay of electric cores or cables, sometimes known as cabling. Lay length is defined as the distance required to complete one revolution of the strand around the diameter of the conductor. When a conductor has more than one layer, it usually refers to the lay length of the outer layer.

There are several reasons for twisting cables together, including increasing flexibility, strength, concentricity and reducing cross-talk. The cable lay will depend on the reason for the twisting, the diameter of the cables, if there is a required orientation for cores and the number of cores of layers being twisted or laid up.

The cable lay may be left hand lay, known as S stranding or right hand lay, known as Z stranding.- Cable Lying

Cable laying services install fiber optic cable or copper cable in buildings and office complexes, or over large distances. They are staffed by cable technicians who perform cable preparation, jointing, termination, testing, commissioning, maintenance, and troubleshooting tasks