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Lightning Protection System

Thunder lihts

Lightning Protection System (As per IEC 62305)

The leading Manufacturer of LPS components as was concerned with Lightning. Lightning is an inevitable natural phenomenon. The magnitude of a lightning strike is a significant amount of energy that can cause major loss of life and destruction of property. The site, elevation, and formation of a structure play an important role in ascertaining if a lightning protection system is necessary. It is essential to perform a risk assessment to measure the potential risks due to lightning strikes for a structure. This will help you to decide on the most effective lightning protection system to be implemented for protecting your structure from lightning strikes.

The lightning protection systems consist of Air Terminals, Down conductors, and Earthing systems. An overall lightning protection system consists of external lightning protection (lightning protection/earthing) and internal lightning protection (surge protection). The main function of LPS Interception of direct lightning strikes, the Safe discharge of lightning current to earth & Distribution of the lightning current in the ground.

There are different types of LPS as per IEC 62305 – Mash Method, Protection Angle Method, & Rolling sphere Method.

Many insurance companies often require lightning protection systems to be installed properly on a property before issuing a home insurance policy. Some insurance companies even offer a discount on insurance premiums if an effective lightning protection system is installed.

ESE – Lightning Protection

We are offering a wide range of ESE Lightning Conductor to our clients. Lightning Protection System are suitable for all types of climatic conditions. Designed and manufactured in accordance with NFC 17-102 standards.

ESE – Air Terminal an ionization Device which will emit stemmer early than conventional Air terminal, that will give ESE system more area of Protecton coverage.