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HT/ LT Transformers

LT transformers

Apart from LT measuring and protective Transformer KSI also design and
manufacture LT Power Transformer and Control Transformers. Power
transformers are used mainly in power distribution application to step
up or step down the voltages in electrical and electronic circuits.
Control Transformers are used as an isolation transformer for voltage
regulation. These transformers are designed and manufactured to
customer specific requirements.Tension is a French word for Voltage. A
low-tension line is a low voltage line and a high-tension line is a
high voltage line. In India LT supply is of 400 Volts for three-phase
connection and 230 Volts for single-phase connection. High tension or
HT supply is applicable for bulk power purchasers who need 11
kilo-Volts or above. Most small consumers of electricity like
individual houses, shops, small offices and smaller manufacturing
units get their electricity on LT connection. HT is applicable for
bulk purchasers of electricity like industries (big manufacturing
units), big offices, Universities, hostels and even residential
colonies (if the apartment complexes are purchased together in bulk).
The tariff structures of most state distribution companies are
different for LT and HT.

In some states, a residential complex can benefit from lower rates if
electricity is taken at bulk HT tariff. Internally the complex can
provide electricity to its residents through the common supply.