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Surge Protection Devices

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Surge Protection Devices

SPDs are to protect sensitive Electrical & Electronic equipment from transient overvoltages that are present on low-voltage power supply, data & communication lines. A Surge is a short-duration high-voltage impulse appearing on power mains or low-voltage signal/data/power/ communication lines.

Various causes of Surge / transient overvoltage:

Lightning, rise in ground potential, electromagnetic radiation, switching of heavy equipment & loads, operation of fuses & circuit breakers, utility grid switching, power factor correction actions, power cycling of inductive loads, electrostatic overvoltage (ESD), Nuclear Electromagnetic pulses(NEMP), the sensitivity of components & devices, miniaturization of electronic components inheriting from valves to transistors to ICs to microprocessors.

Effects of surge / Transient overvoltage on the electronic components:

Destruction – of PCBs, components interference with operation – erratic operations, memory loss, program malfunctions, data & transmission errors, Premature aging of components – Life reduction of components.

Use of SPDs will help you in:

  • limit discontinuities of service and their costs
  • Reduces down time
  • Increase the productivity
  • Increase the life duration of your equipment
  • Improves the quality and precision of your process
  • Result = savings +improved service quality